Unlocking Ruminant Potential: Thriving for Peak Performance at Every Stage

Berg+Schmidt - Animal Nutrition: We develop innovative feed additives to improve animal performance and increase profitability worldwide.



Our goal is to improve the health and performance of ruminants with feed additives such as rumen-stable fats and coated nutrients. Our additives promote embryonic development, minimise weight fluctuations and optimise the health of a cow's reproductive cycle. We also focus on growth, feed conversion and carcass quality to meet consumer demands and ensure the farmer's profitability. With a holistic approach to nutrition and feeding, we maximise the potential of ruminant herds for long-term health.


From heifer to lactating cow, the right additives and feed fat ratio is crucial. It supports growth, milk production, and overall health for optimal performance. With our products, we can support every stage of the dairy cow journey.


We aim to offer you the ideal additives and technical aids to give your calves a good start in life. These additives and aids promote optimal MAT viscosity and at the same time serve as energy suppliers that support robust growth and increased resistance.


Like all animals, beef cattle face challenges in terms of growth and meat quality. With the right additives tailored to their needs, you can increase performance and ensure general well-being.


A balanced diet is key for small ruminants such as sheep and goats. Our additives can ensure optimal health, growth, energy management and productivity.

Berg+Schmidt - Animal Nutrition. Wir entwickeln innovative Futtermittelzusatzstoffe, um weltweit die Leistung der Tiere zu steigern und die Rentabilität erhöhen.

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