03. 07. 24

We were at Chilelácteo in Osorno, Chile!

We were thrilled to have Dr. Corinna Brock represent us at the pre-exhibition seminar organized by AddVise, one day before the renowned dairy exhibition, Chilelácteo.

Event Highlights:

  • Seminar: Dr. Corinna Brock, alongside three other esteemed speakers, shared invaluable insights and expertise.
  • Attendees: A diverse group of over 40 professionals, including distributors and farmers, attended the seminar.
  • Exhibition: The main event saw an impressive turnout of over 700 attendees!

‌ Key Focus Areas: Corinna's seminar emphasized the role of advanced nutrient solutions in enhancing dairy cows' immune function:

  • Sugar for the immune system
  • Methionine for the antioxidative system
  • Rumen-inert fats to close the energy gap

Our Partner: AddVise has been one of our trusted partners in distributing our products to the Chilean market for many years!

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